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Ideally, you're comfortable enough with the person you're boning that you don't feel the need to keep any major secrets from one. But this isn't secret in sex ideal world—secrets are scary, Scorpios existkn sharing something super personal can often feel more intimate than sex.

And so, despite the fact that almost everyone has them, it turns out secret in sex a lot of men are out here keeping secrets about their sexual fantasies, according to an online survey from Superdruga telemedicine service.

More than 45 percent of men surveyed said they're not totally honest about their sexual fantasies with their current partner, making them the thing men are most likely to be dishonest about, related to sex. To be fair, sex fantasies was the most common response among women too, with 41 percent of women surveyed saying they're not super forthcoming secret in sex them with their current secret in sex.

Still, that's fewer women than men! So based on this survey's results, it seems women are at least a bit more willing to share the details of their sexiest fantasies with a partner than men are. Of secret in sex it isn't crucial to zex sexual satisfaction or safety that you share your sexual fantasies.

But a lot of good can come from sharing your fantasies with a partner, even if you never plan to act on. Sharing secrets fosters intimacy, and talking about sex and what you want in bed is on basically every sexpert's list of tips for a more satisfying sex life. secret in sex

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Also, if shame or a sense that your sex fantasies are somehow dirty or wrong is what's keeping you from opening up, stop. Sex fantasies are totally normal and healthy, and probably you share yours with more people secret in sex you think.

secret in sex Superdrug's survey results secret in sex up all sorts of juicy info on what people are the most and least honest about in the bedroom. Like apparently, very few people are dishonest about whether asian massage albuquerque not eex have STIs, sscret a ton of people yes, men too are faking their orgasms STOP!! You can check out the full report of results over on Superdrugand then feel free to go home and grill TF out of your partner.

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