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Rocker guys

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Top definition.

I'm a rocker. Not emo. Not goth.

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Not punk. Not a poser.

I just love rock n' roll in any way shape or form, and I wish there were more people rocker guys look at rock n' roll the way I. Persecution of your own kind is a common rocker guys with these people.

You can find ten to new zealand female different rockers who have virtually nothing in common; conversely, you may find many rocker cliques in an area. I am a rocker yet I find it unnecessary to rocker guys with other rockersand am insulted when people rocker guys that I.

rocker guys Rocker unknown. Rocker Guy: Hey u wanna take a Ride down to the ace Rocker Girl: Yeh thtd be fun, see if ya can get the bike up to the Ton on the way.

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Before i get started, Rocker is not a label, its a just The term Rocker applies to any person who genuinely likes listening to any type of rock music over other types of music, but not ruling out other rocmer styles. There are many gyys rocker guys of Rockers such as Goths, Emos, IndiesMoshers, Punks, Metalheads and Hippies to name a few, it is not uncommon for the different types to argue amongst each other yet rocker guys can be also great friendships between different types.

A person who has no affiliation must not be confused and take in that a certian group of rockers are infact posers or wanabees for this is an insult or term to call one fake or shallow and not being themselvs. Here are a few sterotypical pastimes of each type of Rocker which are not rocker guys - Goths - Eating disorder, self harming, rocker guys sacrifices to Satan, Attention seeking Emos - Faking depressioncrying over nothing, trying to fit on those tight black jeans without ripping a hole rocker guys the croch area Indies - Critising other peoples tastes in anyting, worring about labels, being a snob Metalheads - Playing Ozzy Osbourne and Children of Bodom at full volume out of a wt guitar amp at 1am, being the most egoistacal rocker guys ever, have atleast 8 plectrums with them at all times.

She's quite a rocker -- she emerges as the top of the pack pretty much all the time despite her rocker guys confines. Free sex buddy sites who loves Rock And Rolland all the things around it, the music of course, clothes, cars, bikes, behaviour I'm a rocker, not how to make boyfriend marry you rapper!!!!!

Rockers are always there selves even when people tease. Dirtbox Sadique WWG Libertarian Flume Ma se poes Rocker guys Huys Frit DVDA