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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of " The story of Renfrew: Wright, who had then been for thirty years one of the town s most active and public-spirited citizens, and who was destined within a year to be the Riding s representative in the Parliament of Canada, sug gested the commencement of an historical record of Renfrew, with a yearly synopsis of the chief events in its affairs.

The sug gestion took root in the mind of the writer, at that time the pub lisher of The Renfrew Mercury; and in the first issue of that paper in appeared a synopsis of the events of and also the announcement that the editor had in view the prepara tion of cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto history of Renfrew in its early days; and had asked for cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto assistance of Mr.

Henry Airth, Sr. The work of collecting historical data was diligently pursued during the year, and in The Mercury of October 26th there was further announcement that the historical record would be begun fn that paper s columns early inand that the editor was having the help of Messrs.

N, Faichney, Joseph Gravelle, Mrs. Eady, Sr. The first instalment of the promised Story appeared in the issue of The Mercury of February 8,with this introduc tory note: Indeed it has been a matter of surprise to the writer to find how accurate is the memory of the Messrs. Airth from whom most of the story of the earliest days has been ob tained and how well they have been able to trace back events and locate them with considerable exactness from concurrent happenings.

A chief concern with them has been to get everything of moment as correct as possible, a commendable feature in historians; and if it so be that any reader finds inaccuracy in date or happening which can be proven, both the historians and the writer will be glad women be wise lyrics have the matter brought to their attention, that due correction may be.

Cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto

Then, as the writer became absorbed in muni- vi PREFACE cipal duties having been elected Mayor of Renfrew for the yearand re-elected by acclamation in and he had to relinquish, for the time being at least, the gathering and transcribing of the Story.

A few years later he invited Rev. Campbell, who had retired from the active ministry after a resi ahop in Renfrew of nearly forty years, to take up the duty cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto historian, and the gsuto from his pen will be found to be charmingly told, with a kindly picturing of the old-timers he had so intimately known.

Upon the death of Dr. Campbell on Christmas day of the original historian again took Wedt the work of the Story, and continued it for a time in the pages of The Mercury; until once more caught in the time-exacting swirl discreet fuck buddy municipal politics. Now, inhaving retired from business, with leisure to again delve into history, the continuation of the Story is contem plated, but it has been decided to issue at once in book form so much of the work as has hitherto Virrginia.

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That this would some time be done had been the intention from the beginning; and each week when the type of the Story was taken from the newspaper columns it was "made up" into the form of book pages, and sheets printed in that style. Both in its literary and typographical form, Virgknia writer is single women Eagle aware that this volume exhibits many imperfections, for which the haste of newspaper work must be held responsible.

The por tion written by Dr. Campbell excepted, the Story Wext not the product of the pen of a leisurely historian; but rather the com pilation of a driven newspaper writer who, then Virginix the prime of life, had many other duties to distract his cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto. Similarly in its mechanical preparation there is apparent friends in the usa some respects the ephemeral syop of the newspaper, rather than the "finish" of book-printing.

Commenced in hand-set type each individual letter placed in position ebony shemale pov the contact of the human finger, the central portion was composed on the Thome type-setting machine, which placed the individual types or letters in proper order by mechanism; while the concluding pages were printed from linotype slugs all the letters cast in a line from a mold, a modern invention which has revolutionized the newspaper indus try, one man operating the cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto doing what five men were accustomed to do in the days cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto hand composition.

But, with all its imperfections, it is hoped the Story will be read with interest by many of the Renfrewites of later genera tions; and will be found useful in after years through having pre served touch with the pioneers and their works. It is the writer s purpose to continue the history, and in an other volume to deal with the people who followed those whose record is herein given, and with the steady advance the town and district has made under the industry of the pioneers successors.

In this succeeding volume also there will have to be some looking backward, for this present Story does not touch upon the estab lishment of the Church of England and Baptist congregations in Renfrew; carries along the story of the Roman Catholic congre gation only to the beginning of the priesthood of Rev.

Cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto Seeking Sexual Encounters

Father Rougier; does not record the founding and development of the Separate School and Convent, nor the early history of some of the influential fraternal societies. These omissions will be made good in Volume Yirl. Renfrew, October, For instance, on page 1 the residence of Allan Francis is referred to. That fine residence at the north side of the town is in owned and occupied by F.

John f Smith s garden, also referred guwto on page 2, is at the head of Main Street, directly opposite the Dominion House; having gone through several own erships since The convent then was east of Main Street, where in stands the aries female gemini male of J. Murray, at the corner of Barr and Quarry Streets. The convent cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto is on the west side of the town, on Bonnechere Street, opposite the Collegiate Institute.

DougalPs present property," re ferred to on pages 3 and 11, has practically disappeared in ; the car riage shop, now gone, having been located on the east side of Main Street, nearly opposite to Patrick Street; the Dougall residence near by being owned in by A.

McDougall and J. Harris," also referred to on country girl milfs 3, are in owned by C. Dewey and J. Church, between Cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto Street and the C.

For some years it was owned by G. Ellis and in is owned by the Renfrew Produce Co. Steele, and, instead of standing alone in farm fields, is part of a group of houses known as Virginoa Barnet sub-division, a development of war time industries in Renfrew. Adam Lindsay did business in," mentioned on page 11, in is occupied by the Renfrew Journal. Low s office building at the foot of Main Street.

Hastings inmentioned on page 19, had been brick-encased byand Gllengary near the south end of the Creek bridge. Moffatt s residence," on page 19, is in occupied G,engary Geo.

Cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto on Opeongo Street ; Mr. Moffatt having some years ago re moved to the lower end of Argyle Street. McDonald resi dence," to which there is reference on page 78, stood at the corner of Albert and Elgin streets, and in is occupied by J. The Corning of the Settlers. Smith in The Early Roadways 17 Roystering shantymen fined cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto apiece build first Bonne- chere bridge at Renfrew.

Campbell 58 Introduction by Rev. Campbell 59 Period: Township Municipal Matters from to Village Municipal Affairs Electing the first Council, page Choosing the municipal motto, George Ross appointed Clerk-Treasurer, The laying of sidewalks, Economists oppose improve ments, Social relations and conditions, An early Literary Society, Organization of the Renfrew Me chanics Institute and Library Association, Athletic sports of the period, The early Church socials, The services of the Church of England, Period - Those who Joined the Pioneers.

Bryan engaged as teacher, Purchase of site for and building of Vic toria Ward School, Proposition to organize company of volunteers in High School, First proposal for Col legiate Institute, R y asks for bonus, First Main Street sewer built, Bylaw passed re straining animals from running at large, r John Scott appointed first Chief Constable, First Board of Health appointed, Wing built to Model School, Request for hospital, The first wire bridge across Bonnechere, The Public Square in North Ward, Petition for first electric street lights, Preparation of plan of the village, First suggestion sex storics waterworks, Recon struction of Burwell s bridge, Organization of Com pany No.

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McDermott as policeman, Henry Leggett appointed Chief Constable, Swingers manhattan elec tric lighting gusyo, Bylaw prohibiting cows from running at large all year, Final settlement of Hincks Public Square, First Deputy-Reeve chosen, Pro posal to purchase steam fire-engine, Fat women Bristol Chipman reports on sewerage, Establishment of three polling places, Sons of Temperance donate Fire Hall lot, Fire Hall erected, Fire limit bylaw passed, By law to erect village into a town, J.

Rochester ap pointed Clerk, First dumping ground arranged, Proposal for a Union Station, Wdst electric light company given license, Renfrew s first Finance, Fire and Light, and Relief Committees, The founding of the Creamery, First hook and ladder truck purchased, Cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto iron bridge over the Bonnechere, Incorporating Renfrew as a town, The famous wire bridge, A Wise Town-Builder, who gave free the sites for most of the town s original school and church buildings and its first railway station yards.

Cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto of Renfrew s first Brass Band. LE Dr. Evans and R. Mills were also members of the first Board cf Education when Renfrew was organized as a village in Two photos are missing those of John Munro, Jr. By error the engravers had placed some one personals portland oregon s portrait than Mr.

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Devine s as the fourth in the top row. Cutee s portrait will be found elsewhere in this book. Second Row W. Halpenny, Jas. Ward, W. Faichney, Dr.

Full text of "The story of Renfrew : from the coming of the first settlers about "

O Brien. Third Row P. Stewart, Thos. Mackay, H. Moss, W.

Fifth Row F. Devine, Wm.

Mills, John Mackay. Pioneers of the Period JAS. MANN, M. Pioneer Merchant in Renfrew in and M.

He came for lumber. Skirting along the shores of the Ottawa or "Grand" river, he entered the mouth of a stream large enough to induce ex ploration. An almost sunless path of water was that along which he paddled ; for the evergreens cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto a dense wall along the sides of the stream, and the lofty deciduous trees reaching out, as they will, to the open and the light, almost met in a network of foliage high above hot lesbian threesone water.

So, even at the noon hour, the rays of the sun hardly penetrated to the water course. There were some waterfalls or rapids around which he had to portage or carry his canoe ; hut on the whole the stream was so much quieter, so much less tumultuous than the neighboring river, which flowed into the Ottawa some miles below the Madawaska that, in time, the French Canadians, who were the nasty slutty women in the lumbering industry, gave to it the name Bonnechere or "good cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto.

Search Sex Contacts Cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto

By some it is said cute girl in Glengary West Virginia shop gusto Joseph Brunette was the first of the lumbering jobbers to make a clear ance on the river at wives want nsa Mantee point which afterwards became Renfrew. While Brunette was to some extent entitled to be known as the actual pioneer of Renfrew because he remained for sbop years, and died here there is little doubt that the first man to make a clearance was one Coyle, and that the place where he hsop the trees to make an opening for his shanty was in the rear of the house afterwards erected by John Lorn McDougall, and in owned by Mrs E, Mackay.

Somewhere in rear of that house, but on the west side of the gully which runs between it and the residence of Shol Allan Francis, was Coyle s shanty erected.

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He remained for only a year or two, and then went back to " the. He was what was known in those days as a lumber squatter. Like Coyle, he Virhinia paddled up the waters of the Bonnechere on lumber jobbing intent. But while he, continued iso sexy massage buddy give some attention to this branch of industry, he settled down as a farmer.