Photos of Charles Manson's Guitars that are in my Collection. 

Guitar Case being opened from Corcoran. Check out the Prescription for Charlie.

Charles Manson's Art on Paper, Canvas, and Cardboard. These are all Originals.

Miscellaneous Original Signed Photos of Charlie, and Personalized Signed Photos of me Signed by Charles Manson.  Lots of good stuff.

Charles Manson String Art & Bead Art items in my collection. There are quite a few of these items featured in numerous Manson books.

Charles Manson's personal effects such as, reading glasses, numerous phone books, sunglasses, clothing, etc!!! 

Some really Cool Shit......... There is a bit of everything in here. Enjoy!!!!​
Alright I figured that it was time that I shared a small portion of my Charles Manson items that I have received from him, and collected over the years. As I mentioned this is only a small portion of my entire collection. I have hundreds of signed items, unheard music, poems, etc. I was not able to add of of my physical items either due to the fact that I had not been photographing my early stuff in my collection. 

It has taken my years, and years to amass this Museum of Charles Mansons Personal Belongings, Art, and you are looking at around half of the entire collection.

I hope that everyone that gets a look can enjoy these items as much as I do, and respect that this man has had to give up his personal belongings so many times in his life. I am giving you a small taste of what I have done to preserve and make sure that Charlie's items end up in one place.

This is a friend of mine, and I will do everything in my power to show the world the items he owns, and the way he lives thru some of these photos. 

Look carefully thru all of the Photo Galleries as you will see some of the most amazing Charles Manson collectibles ever in one single collection.

Should anyone have any questions about anything that you see here please do not hesitate to email the site @​​​​​​​​​​

Items unearthed in February 2013 on our trip to Spahn Ranch, and Death Valley. The best 6 nights of my life!!
This is the Cassette Tape that Charlie had everyone in his inner circle searching for, for 30 years. This is the Tape that The Album "The Lost Vacaville Tapes" has been Digitally Remastered From. This is the Holy Grail
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