Charles Manson ORIGINAL Inmate Appeal Form Dated 11-2-08. Charlie is unhappy that they took the camera out of PHU. Signed Charles Manson $250.00
Charles Manson ORIGINAL Inmate Appeal Form Dated 3-10-10. Charlie is clearly unhappy about his mail in this appeal. He is directing them to send all rejected mail to Greywolf. Signed bold black pen Charles Mills Manson. $250.00
All images and documentation are the Real Property of Underworld Productions, Inc. All of these images and documents are copyright protected.
Please direct any questions to: Underworld Productions, Inc, C/O Ben Gurecki P.O. Box 1016 Elmhurst Illinois 60126.
Phone: 847-209-9426​​​

Original Style Charles Manson, Underworld Productions Inc. business card. These were made at Charlie's request. This is one of the first and is signed in full on the front and C Manson on the reverse. Price: $350.00
Charles Manson American Terrorist Trading Card. Very hard to find card alone. Signed twice by Charle. Reverse in full Charles Milles Manson and on the front Manson. Rare item!! $300.00
Charles Manson Original 1980's CMF- Vacaville Inmate Canteen Card. Signed in Full Charles Manson. Rare old item! $300.00
Charles Manson Prison Made Boose Tones Forever Box. Made out of any Altoids Box and Hand Painted by Charlie. The interior of the box has a Purple cloth inside. Very cool item. $350.00
Charles Manson Video Werewolf, Charles Manson Superstar, Original Brochure!! Signed 3 Times in Full by Charlie. Very Rare Item!! $500.00
Charles Manson Powerwagon out at Ballarat. This was a 77th Birthday card that I sent to Charle and his response above. $300.00
Charles Manson Original Hand Made Prison Playing Card. Charlie makes his own decks of card to play with other inmates. I was lucky enough to get hand made Jack of Clubs. Signed in full on reverse. $500.00
Signed Charles Manson 5 x7 Photo. $200.00
Very Nice Charles Manson Signed Photo $200.00
Nice Larger Charles Manson signed Photo. $200.00
Nice 18 to 20" Long Piece of Charles Manson's BROWN Hair. From the early 90's. Hanging Man with his Thumb Print and early Signature. $1200.00
Early 1980's Charles Manson & Other Inmate Collaboration Art. Artwork Sketch of Charlie done by an inmate at Folsom. This is an absolutely wonderful piece with all of Charles thoughts splattered all over the place. absolutely beautiful piece $2200.00
Charles Manson Signed Old Photo and New Signature from 2017. $200.00
Charles Manson's Personal Copy of Newsweek featuring Mark Zukerberg. Large Signature on front in Black Sharpie & with the Corcoran mailing address label to Charles Manson. $350.00
Wonderful Charles Manson Artwork from CSP Corcoran, Charlie traced a spoon and drew all over in loads of colors. 100% Ball Point Pen, loads of Spiders & Scorpions on the Webbing. 9 x 12  Beautiful piece from the early 90's on Heavy Cardboard Stock. $2600.00
Drawn by Ansom13 & Colored by Charles Manson. Ansom13 was married to original family member TJ Walleman. Ansom13 & Charlie had a special relationship. 8 x 10 You can see Charlie wrote My Angel Did This, Signed his name in Full and included his Man Sun Symbol.This is a painted piece. $1300.00
Charles Manson's writings and drawings about his trip to Mexico city., He has pointed to the waters in Mexico City and talking about how he is still a Prisoner. $1200.00
Charles Manson Painted Artwork. Charlie has done about 6 or 7 of these similar pieces that I know about and I have 4. This one is done in Acrylic Paints, Cut out of his face, Full Signature on the front in Marker with Swastika, reverse has Man Sun and his Man Sun Symbol. $750.00
Charles Manson Poem (Unpublished) written in CMF Vacaville Medical Facility with his best friend Eddie Ruchard Ragsdale or (Rags) as Charlie called him. Signed with an early signature from 5/8/84 by Charles Manson & Eddie Ragsdale. $400.00
Charles Manson's Personal Copy of Gideon's Bible. This is from CSP Corcoran and exactly as it was when unboxed from Charlie's cell. There is a photo of his mother in between on page, and 1 Gillette or similar Razor Blade in another page. Charlie painted his Man Sun Symbol on the side of the Bible, the Hard Cover was removed by Corcoran, as no hardcover book are allowed for inmates. $3200.00
Charles Manson Early Thumbprint and writing. Full signature $800.00
Charles Manson Signed ATWA Photo. From 2017. $300.00
Charles Manson Signed Photo. $200.00
Charles Manson's Thumb & Finger Picks from his Guitar Case. $250.00 each. Documentation from Corcoran to provide authenticity.
Charles Manson Signed Young Photo. Signed in full with Charlie's Sun and his surname. $300.00
Charles Manson's Personal Phone Book from Corcoran State Prison 2010. Over 50 pages filled out by Charlie. All of his Closest Friends, Lawyers, Original Family Members, Doodles. Additional photos available and full Documentation from Corcoran available. $2800.00
Charles Manson Signed Rolling Stone Copy. 8 x 10 Signed in Red Sharpie. $300.00
Charles Manson 8 x 10 Handprint. Done with instant Coffee. on Harley Davidson letterhead. Signed in full. $500.00
Charles Manson's Hand Made Necklace. Each bead was put together by Charle and his Favorite, Thor's Hammer. Charlie wore this piece in Corcoran from 2009 thru 2010. $1800.00
Charles Manson Signed Playing Card. Great Nordic Writing on this one gives it some special meaning! $500.00
Charles Manson Original Acrylic Artwork. 9 x 12 Absolutely Beautiful piece with a full Hand Print traced in the background. Signed in full on the front with his notes on the reverse. The reverse has special meaning that will be explained to the new owner. This is on Heavy Art Board!! $2300.00
Charles Manson Signed ATWA Photo. Signed in Sharpie. $200.00
Charles Manson Signed Photograph of the Girls at the Courthouse in 71. $200.00
Charles Manson Signed Photo of the Girls at Spahn Ranch. $200.00
Charles Manson Signed Photo of the Girls in the Street at the LA County Courthouse in 1971. $200.00
Charles Manson Signed Photo of the Girls in the Streets. $200.00
Charles Manson Signed Photo $200.00
Charles Manson Original Artwork. Done in Acrylics & Other Mediums (Unknown) Large 9 x 12 Piece on Heavy Artboard. This is entitled: Piss Art $2600.00
Charles Manson Original Artwork from the early 80's. This piece is from Charlie's Time at Folsom. This is a 9 x 12 piece that folds into a Prison Kite. $2500.00
Charles Manson Signed Press Photo of the Girls. $200.00
Charles Manson's Personal Hank Belt from Corcoran. Full documentation. $250.00
Charles Manson's Personal Copy of The Zen Companion. There are a few fingerprints inside the book also, not photographed, however there. $400.00
Charles Manson Original Art. Made in 2009 for Afton Burton aka. Star, former fiance. Aprox 8" on Cardboard. Never given to her when he went into SHU. $600.00
Charlie's Corcoran Issued Nitrostat Nitrogylcerin Pills. With documentation. Still partially full.  $200.00
Charles Manson Original Art. Large 9 x 12 piece. Entitled Old Crows Raven. Done by Charlie and sent to me in 2016!! $3800.00
Charles Manson Original Artwork from 2016!! Beautiful Piece. Entitled Mixed Up. Received from Charlie in late 2016. Done in Acrylics, Oils, Marker, Pen. 9 x 12. $2800.00
Charles Manson Original New Artwork from 2016. Done in Acrylics, Oils, Pens, Markers. 9 x 12. This was done late in Charles Life, received by me in September 2016. $2800.00
Charles Manson Hand Made Wedding Ring Set. Including Handmade Rosary, 21 Hand Made Beads. 2 Hand Made Wedding Rings with Charle's X's on Both. 2 ATWA Inspired Bead Sets. This was Made by Charle for Charlie & Afton Burton (aka Star). These were made in 2009 and took close to 6 months to make!! $4300.00
Incredibly Rare, Never Before seen Hand Embroidered Piece done by Lynette Fromme for Charles Manson in 2014. 
This piece is INCREDIBLE and made for Charlie as a Birthday gift. This is a larger piece around 9 x 7, there are over 8 animals that we have counted in this piece so far. Lynette would not tell me the exact count, however look for yourself and you will see more and more. Absolutely incredible!!! Comes with full documentation from Lynette to me, and additional documentation will be provided as well. $2500.00
Charles Manson Signed Photo. Nice bold signature on an 5 x 7 photo. $200.00
Charles Manson's Personal Underworld Productions Signed Business Card, Made by ATWA & Manson Direct. Charlie's last mailing address. $300.00
Charles Manson Signed and Fingerprinted Beatles White CD. Sent to another friend from Corcoran in 2009 and obtained by me in 2015. $900.00
Charles Manson Personal Signed ATWA Underworld Productions Business Card. $200.00 
Charles Manson's Personal Prescription Glasses. Worn by Charlie from 2008 thru 2010 as seen in visiting photo. String Handmade and Colored by Charlie. Documentation from Corcoran also available. $1200.00
Charles Manson Signed Postcard. Nice clean signature from 2016. $200.00
Charles Manson's Money from Corcoran. All Change Charlie picked up during visiting was Stamped C & M or a combo or both. Charlie could then use this change in Corcoran for Poker Money. Nobody could steal his money because it was marked clearly. Acquired by Michael Channels during a visit in 2009, 5 pieces of Marked Charles Manson Poker Money. $150.00
Charles Manson SIgned Monster Match Playing Card. Signed by Charlie at CSP Corcoran and sent with 2 Blue Jay feathers from The Yard at Corcoran. $400.00
Charles Manson Original Artwork. 8 x 10 This is a beautiful piece done by Charlie for me in 2008. Read the Content, its just Wonderful. 100% Black Ball Point Pen. $2600.00
Charles Manson Original Self Portrait. 9 x 12 This is a VERY Old Piece done in the Early 80's by Charlie. This is the center of the Album on the Lost Vacaville Tapes. Approved by Charlie for Release. $3600.00
Charles Manson Signed Photograph. $300.00
FREE Photos of ME on the Right and a REAL FAIR WEATHER FRIEND JOHN MICHAEL JONES. You know these type people. Friend when it is financialy beneficial for them. JOHN MICHAEL JONES ALSO SELLS FAKE CHARLES MANSON ITEMS FOR $$$
Charles Manson Original Artwork entitled Bottom Line. This was done for Charlies neighbor in Corcoran. The piece was mailed to the other inmates son with this letter explaining how he came to receive it, $1300.00
Original Afton "Star" Burton, former fiance of Charles Manson Artwork. Mickey Mouse. $450.00
Charles Manson's Oldest Known ORIGINAL Arrest Document. This is from an arrest pre Tate Labianca murders, dated February 19th 1967!!! This arrest took place on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. The address Charlie gave as his home address is DENNIS WILSONS address!!! This piece is incredible and it only gets better. Charle was arrested for Failure to Appear, he classified himself an "Entertainer - Unemployed". Charlie's only possessions were his Jacket, a Pocket Knife and .16 cents!! Full set of both Charles hand prints on this ORIGINAL document and signed by Charlie 3 times. You will never find an older Manson arrest document anywhere and this one puts him at Dennis Wilsons home. $1800.00
Charles Manson's Personal CSP Corcoran issued Winter Yard Hat. Stained with hair inside. Full Corcoran Documentation will be provided for authenticity. $950.00
Charles Manson's Personal CSP Corcoran issued CLEAR Headphones. Used by Charlie from 2008 thru 2010. Full Corcoran documentation will be provided for authenticity. $550.00
Charles Manson's Personal Cut Down Orange Bandana. Appears Charlie cut this one down either for crafting or just because. Well used. Full Corcoran documentation will be provided for authenticity. $300.00
Charles Manson's Personal Christian Cross Necklace. Worn by Charlie on and off from 08 thru 2010. Full Corcoran documentation will be provided for authenticity. $950.00
Charles Manson's Personal copy of Completely Loco a Locomotive book, Charlie loved trains and I use to send him train books all the time. This one is signed 57 times on almost every single page. Charle made loads of comments on every page also as seen above. 57 full Charles Manson signatures in this book. $1300.00
Charles Manson's personal, Hand Made ATWA Bracelet. Charlie made a few of these. This one use to have 4 beads on it and one broke off (The Green one). Worn by Charles. $900.00
Charles Manson's Thermal Shirt worn in CSP Corcoran. This is a prison issued Thermal. Charlie obviously used this as an art smock also. I had a guitar that he painted from the same time period with these same exact colors! $950.00
Charles Manson's CSP Issued Shorts. Personally worn by Charlie for a year between 2009 thru October 2010. Paint, stains, and smells just like Corcoran. $900.00
Charles Manson's Personal Sunglasses & Signed Magazine article of him wearing them. Worn in the interview Charlie gave to The Horst Biker Magazine. Photos of Charlie wearing the glasses, Charlie signed the magazine for me twice. The Full Magazine Signed two times by Charle will be included, including full Corcoran documentation providing authenticity. $1400.00
Wonderful Charles Manson Signed 8 x 10. Hallways of Always. $300.00
Charles Manson Original. Obtained by Michael Channels, from a 2009 Spahn Ranch reunion with Original Family Members meeting for the first time in 20 years. Michael snuck out and stole these hats from the girls. He made off with two of them, he has one, I have the other, This was with Jenny Gentry, Cappy, or Blue's Hat from that night. $900.00
Charles Manson's Personal Unheard Music from 1984. Cassette tape of Charlie from 1984 while housed at The Vacaville Medical Facility. Charlie recorded most of the music that you hear of his from inside Vacaville. This is a perfect working ORIGINAL cassette with over 45 minutes of Songs and Spoken word. One of a Kind!! $4300.00
Charles Manson Original Artwork. 12 x 18. This is Entitled Jumbled Up. This is a Large Piece done completely in Crayons. This is The COVER to The Lost Vacaville Tapes, APPROVED BY CHARLIE. This is from the early 90's and Folds into a Prison Kite. $3800.00
Charles Manson Signed Mothers & Fathers Marriage Certificate from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. $400.00
Charles Manson Hand Made Wedding Ring. This was made for Afton (Star) Burton by Charles Manson. Each bead put on by a 78 year old hand!! Never made it out of Corcoran. $650.00
Charles Manson Original Artwork. Done with Acrylics & Pen. Full set of finger prints on the reverse.Cutout of Charlie on the front, signed in full. $750.00
Charles Manson Original Artwork. This is entitled Jumbled Up 2. This is done on a heavier cardboard stock. I This was the Cover to The Lost Vacaville Tapes Album released in 2013. $2400.00
Charles Manson Original Artwork. Done in Acrylics and Ballpoint Pen. Full set of Finger Prints on the reverse. $750.00
Charles Manson Original Artwork on Heavy Art Board. 9 x 12 Beautiful Mixed Media Piece done in Watercolors, One, Ink Markers. Signed in full with the Man Sun symbol. $1600.00
Like NOTHING ELSE seen before in regards to the Charles Manson Case. All Original Documents from The LA County Courthouse and Inyo County Transfering Charlie from the Barker arrest. Dated 12/9/1969. Look at the Dates on these ORIGINAL STAMPED DOCUMENTS. Complete TIMELINE OF THE CHARLES MANSON ARREST!! Charlies Finger Prints In and Out of Inyo County, The Original Arrest is from Inyo County for Robbery & Homicide along with additional warrants that The UNITED STATES MARSHALL heaped on, LA Superior Court Documents ORIGINAL AND STAMPED, JUST AN UNBELIEVABLE COLLECTION OF THE EARLIEST CHARLES MANSON ARREST DOCUMENTATION!! The items included are the Yellow ORIGINAL ARREST FORM (Finger Print's of Charlie's on 12/9/69 and when transferred to LA COUNTY on 12/11/69 Stamped on front and back from the LA County Courthouse, White Superior Court Bench Warrant Document "People of The State of California vs Charles Manson dated 12/8/1969 appointing Judge Keene to the Bench, ​Pink Temporary Order for Detention from the Department of The Sheriff Jail Division for "VIOLATION OF FEDERAL PAROLE" Dated 3/24/70 LA COUNTY COURT STAMPED, Blue Superior Court Temporary Commitment New Booking Form, indicating Charlie appear December 22nd 1969 with NO BAIL, Pink DETAINER FORM UNITED STATES MARSHALL from Sacramento, WARRANT FOR ARREST out of Inyo County, ORIGINAL DOCUMENT STAMPED BY INYO COUNTY 12/11/1969. REMARKABLE MEUSEUM COLLECTION OF RARE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS. $2800.00
Charles Manson Original Artwork. Mixed Media with Paints & Ball Point Pen. Signed in full with the Man Sun symbol. Beautiful Black Bird in done in the piece if you look!! $1800.00
Charles Manson Original Artwork. 9 x 12 Absolutely stunning piece done by Charlie in 2008. Photos of the Front & Reverse. $3600.00
Charles Manson worn Cross Necklace. Worn until October 2010 when he went into the Hole. $1100.00
Charles Manson signed Photo. $200.00
Charles Manson Signed Photo $200.00
Charles Manson Signed Indian ATWA 8 x 10. $300.00
Charles Manson Signed Scull & Crossbones Ticket. $200.00
Charles Manson's Large Lock of Hair. From the mid 90's Large strands of Brown hair, With Charles Thumb Print and Text Bull Dogs Get Dogs, Easy Charles Manson. $1000.00