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                      C/O - Ben Gurecki             
                      P.O. Box 1016
                      Elmhurst, Illinois 60126​​​
Great conversation with Charlie about the wonderful scam artist owner of Murder
Great 79th birthday call with Charlie. Discussing Underworld Productions business cards, and him participating in the Beach Boys making of Pet Sounds. Great conversation.
Great conversation with Charlie from February 14. Discussing how I'm scaring Star & GayWolf, and also loads of discussion about "The Lost Vacaville Tapes"
Another fun call from Charlie from 8/5/14
Great call with Charles discussing his mother, uncle Jess, and all the bullshit he deals with daily. It makes me sick!!​
Christmas 12/25/13 call from Charles.
First Wheelchair call for manual wheelchair, dated 2/4/13.
45th Anniversary Phone Call 8/9/14. Charlie FINALLY received his copy of "The Lost Vacaville Tapes", and George's new book Goodbye Helter Skelter. I have been working on getting Charlie these items since 6/27/14. If you apply enough pressure even to R&R & the mailroom, sometimes good things happen. He has it, won't stop listening to it, and is THRILLED!!!! Could not have happened on a better day...... My Me!!!