The purpose of this update page is to fill everyone in on the progress, and some of the bonuses that will be included in my new Charles Manson Album release.
Update as of 6/23/2013: Here is a bit of information everyone should know about the release of the New Charles Manson 12" Album that I am releasing on his birthday this year 2013. This will be a limited run of 1000 LP's. There will be 200 Limited Edition Albums being put into circulation first. These Albums will be unlike the rest. These Limited Edition of 200 Albums will be done on a multi colored Album, almost the look of 60's tie die. These 200 albums will each have enclosed with the Album, either a swatch of Charlie's clothing, guitar picks, potentially some never before seen poems that I do have the legal rights too. All of the 1000 Albums that are being produced will be hand numbered, and will also match the number on the Album itself. 

The remaining 800 Albums are being produced on standard Black Vinyl, however I will be sporadically mixing in additional treats within these 800 albums for the people that miss out on the first 200 offered in the Limited Edition.

Update as of 6/28/2013: Within the last few days there has been quite a bit of progress made in the production, pressing, and printing of the new Album. 

Currently all of the music has been transferred to Lacquers, and are ready to be shipped off the the record pressing plant. All of the Album Art is complete, and passed its final inspection today. All of the Art on this Album, from the cover, to the center label on the record itself fit the time period of this music's inception. The Album Cover is Called "Jumbled Up" this piece was done in 1984, and the center circle on the albums themselves are from a piece done in 1983 called "God".

I think everyone is going to be very impressed when they get their hands on one, and actually listen to the content and quality of this Album. I can honestly say it is unlike no other. There is a very good reason why Charlie had been searching this specific tape out for the past 30 years. ​​​​
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